November 27, 2011

Bad A$$

The trouble with matching cats is that I want them to be matchy in other ways. Same beds, and the same ID tags (but in different colors - Miles has blue, Monk has black). Miles even has a blue collar with white stars to go with his blue tag. So when I found a tan collar with stars on it, I HAD to buy it for Monk. It was one of those safety collars that pops off if they get caught on something, but after a year of kitten wear, it seemed to fall off if you glanced at it a little too long.

Miles' collar (from The Modern Pet on Etsy) has held up incredibly well, so I went back there to find a new one for Monk. There's a wide selection, but I wanted something to go with Monk's black tag, and all the collars in black didn't have stars. So I gave in. It doesn't matter if they have matching collars. Hell, if they don't, it might make them easier to tell apart (it's not really an issue for us, but other people find it hard to tell). I knew this was the right way to go when I came across a black collar with a white skull and cross bones pattern. Bad. Ass.

Monk is our long, lean, cuddle machine. He's not much of a fighter, or a bad ass. But now, he at least looks like one.



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