The Boys
February 19, 2012

The Boys

I don't talk about the boys much. I recognize that not everyone wants to hear about my cats. Even though they're AWESOME. (Not like I have a biased opinion or anything.)

This is the thing though. We hadn't intended on adopting a second cat, he just sort of happened (as they sometimes do). And we though that Miles, being the very mellow dude he turned out to be, would be pretty accepting of a younger step-brother. And I suppose they do tolerate each other, but I don't think they really like each other all that much. Which makes me a little sad. I don't really want to write about my sad cats.

It's sort of a love/hate relationship, I guess. I think they like to play together and attack each other, but it quickly dissolves into a fight. I think I've probably mentioned that Monk is kind of a whiner, so these little tiffs sounds worse than they probably are, but it's hard not to react to a bunch of screeching and yowling coming form a mass of tumbling fur. We know it also happens when we're not here. Many times we've come home to someone missing a collar and little tufts of fur on the kitchen or living room floor.

Our latest way to break up the fights is to simply separate them. The almost-husband (that's my new name for the boy-fiance, btw) takes one cat and I take the other, and we close the door that separates the living room and the rest of the apartment and just let them chill out a little. But after a few minutes? They both end up on either side of the closed door. It's like they hate each other but dear god, don't SEPARATE THEM. Weirdos.

But! Saturday morning I came home from dance class, and found them both in the Poang chair. Miles was cleaning Monk's head, and he was tolerating it! Well, for a little while, anyways. He eventually ended up biting Miles on the leg. So Miles stopped licking Monk's head, but they both just sat there. And they stayed like that long enough for me to take a few photos with my phone and the big camera.

It gave me a little hope. It may have taken almost a year and a half, but it feels like maybe, someday, they'll be buddies. It might take another year and a half, but that's okay. Maybe then I'll become the crazy cat lady blogger that I know I've got the potential to be! I know you can't wait.



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