March 06, 2012

latte at cupcake royal

For the past, oh year or so, there's a phrase I've been googling every couple of weeks:

"instagram for android"

Late last year there was some article where they mentioned it was being worked on, but no mention of when it might be ready. Well, I just googled it again and there's speculation that the Android version might launch at SXSW this week. Which would be completely and utterly awesome. But it would also make everything I'm about to tell you kind of pointless.

I found a way to sort of cheat on Instagram. The thing is, I have an iPad, so I downloaded the app. But I have the "old" iPad which doesn't have a camera. Last year, I had devised a way to get photos on Instagram by a very complicated procedure using drop box on my phone and the iPad. BUT! A couple of weeks ago, I realized that by using the FlickStackr app I can easily save photos to the iPad, and then upload them to Instagram!

So, it's not ideal. And it's still a bit of a process (take photo with phone, upload to flickr, save to iPad, upload to Instagram), but it's easy enough that I've actually been able to put a few photos on my account. Which has only made me want the app more. So I really REALLY hope the Instagram folks announce something android related at SXSW. Otherwise I may have to break down and actually get an iPhone, and that would be more trouble than cheater Instagram.



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