Why I Like Food Trucks
August 20, 2012

Food Truck Mosaic

I've mentioned food trucks before and I know they've been the trendy, hip thing for a while now, but that's not why I'm excited about them.

I neglected to make my lunch a couple of weeks ago. Normally when that happens, I end up at either In-N-Out or Chipotle. But, to be completely honest, I'm getting a little tired of both places and decided new lunch options were in order. And then I remembered that I had put together a food truck list on Twitter ages ago. It was time to make use of it. Especially since I noticed there were some trucks that tend to frequent areas not far from my work.

So I spent an entire week eating lunch from a different food truck, and it was AWESOME. Here's why: the food is tasty, there's hardly ever a line (though I think this is dependent on the truck and the time you go), it forces me to get off my butt and leave the office, and I like supporting small, local businesses.

In that week I ate korean bbq tacos, a lemongrass chicken rice plate, a peanut pesto chicken rice bowl, bibimbhap, and tater tots loaded with fixins. I admit, not the healthiest lunch options ever, but damn, they were tasty. I do have to be careful given the dreaded wheat allergy, but I try and check the truck menus first to make sure I can actually eat what they're serving.

So how can you find trucks near you? Almost all of them have Twitter feeds and Facebook pages with their schedules and menus, but I also recommend Roaming Hunger. You can check for trucks in your city (or even a city close to you) and see where trucks are going to be at different times (you can even set up email and text alerts). They don't have EVERY truck listed, but they do have a lot (I discovered a few I didn't know about).

I've also got a list going on Twitter, but it's all bay area food trucks. (So if you're not local, it's not gonna do you much good.)

Another option is to look for "moveable feast" style festivals (multiple food trucks in one location) in your area. It's a nice way to try a couple of different trucks without having to roam around.

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