Spirited Away
March 04, 2013


Reasons why the St. George Spirits distillery tour was super awesome:

  • Dog tag to prove your over 21-ness. I'm going to be so disappointed the next time someone tries to use a stamp or a paper wrist band to prove my ID was checked.
  • Really awesome, knowledgeable tour guides. I was standing there and a thought that frequently bounced around in my head was, "Damn, it would be cool to work here."
  • I learned more then I ever wanted to know about eaux de vie, vodka, bourbon, and absinthe. I can impress people at parties! (As long as we only talk about booze.)
  • WE GOT TO TASTE! We tried tiny sips of pear eaux de vie, kaffir lime vodka, botanivore gin, B&E Bourbon, absinthe, and raspberry liqueur. The gin was my favorite, but that may be obvious.

Seriously. It was fun, and the spirits they make are amazing. Also, just the drive out to the distillery was almost worth it without the tour. The view of San Francisco from where they're located was really cool and I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo - guess I'll have to go back!

Want to go on a tour and check it out for yourself? They have a website with all the info you'll need.



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