Going to the Dark Side
April 08, 2013

First Instagram on my new/old iPhone. Thanks @vandyimport! upload

Let's switch gears a little bit, shall we?

A few years ago, I mentioned how much I liked my Android phone. Many times, I've said to you and myself, "Who needs an iPhone?!"

It turns out. I DO.

It was hard to admit. But the phone that I bought a year ago (an android phone), was giving me some grief, but more than that, I'm tired of all the good photo apps coming out for the iPhone first (Hipstamatic and VSCO cam, I'm looking at you!). I was lamenting some of my woes to a friend a few weeks ago, and he offered to let me borrow an unlocked iPhone 4 that wasn't being used. But not knowing how it would work on TMobile, I hesitated. Then I did some googling, and found an article in TMobile's support forums claiming that an unlocked phone just might work. So I took him up on the offer.

Since I already have an iPad, I figured there wouldn't be much of a learning curve, and really, there wasn't. Except for a few of things:

  • Ringtones
    On an android phone, you can pretty much use any music file on your phone as a ringtone. On the iPhone? I spent a couple of hours one morning trying to get a couple of mp3s to work as "tones". After googling and re-reading the instructions I found, I finally got it to work, but damn, Apple!

  • Direct Dial Shortcuts
    On an android phone, this was easy, there was a menu option to make all sorts of shortcuts, and one of them was the direct dial a contact's phone number. On the iPhone, I'm just using the favorites. Which works for now, and I'm not really missing the direct dial.

  • Integrating All My Google Stuff
    The Android phone is very google-centric, so I had to look up how to get all my contacts and calendars into the iphone, but there were easy to follow directions to do this, and it was pretty painless.

Hardware-wise, the iPhone just works. I get home and it picks up the wireless. I get to work and it picks up the wireless there. My android phone was frequently having issues finding wireless networks and sometimes the battery would completely drain for no reason. Sometimes it would just freeze up for no reason and I'd have to take the battery out to restart it. I've had to restart the iPhone once, and that was partly due to a user error and not anything the phone did.

In other words, I REALLY like the iPhone. So what was I going to do? Wait another year for my contract to end and then switch carriers? Pay way too much money for an unlocked phone from Apple?

Well my friends, it turns out TMobile is getting the iPhone (talk about timing, right?) and I pre-ordered mine last Friday. I know it's just a phone, and I really shouldn't be so excited, but I am. I've already started shopping for the perfect case...



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