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May 25, 2013

Scarf-Shop Addiction

A couple days ago, Not Martha mentioned my Scarfshop collection, and it made me realize I had never documented how many I have (except maybe in a few Instagram photos). So I got out the big camera and I took a photo for you.

I really do love these scarves. I tend to order the BIG size, though I do have a couple of the regular size, which can be nicer for spring or air conditioned offices during the summer. I have one (the vibrant purple one) that I ordered in the square size, which I wore when I got married.

Also, this scarf stack looks a little familiar, no? When I find something I really like, apparently I start to collect.

Other things that are going on with me:

  • I'm trying to find a lightweight jacket that has lining (and it not a blazer), and this is proving harder than I thought. It's all jean jackets or military jackets without lining at my usual sources for clothing.
  • I've got a bump on my forehead and I have no idea where it came from. It's getting smaller every day, so I'm not too worried, but WTF, head? How did I bump you and not remember?
  • I've had my iPhone for about a month, and I love it. Do not regret switching one bit. Though I'm now on a quest to find more alerts/ringtones, so my phone doesn't make the same noises as everyone else's.
  • My hair is the longest it's been in a very long time, and I'm now fighting the battle of the frizz. (Actually, this deserves a whole separate post.)
  • And finally, I can't say that I'm super happy about the new Flickr (especially since they changed everything on my birthday), but this post over at Mashable helped a little.

And now I'm off to enjoy my three-day weekend!



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