If it Worked for Alyssa Milano...
January 13, 2014

Have I told you about the time I ordered some Proactiv cleanser? I'm not really an infomercial kind of girl, but I had seen the commercial SO many times, I had to see if it would work. After about a week, I sent it back because it was bleaching my towels. It was my first, and I thought my last, "As Seen on TV" purchase.

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to see an ad for the Wen haircare system. I had heard of it before, but hesitated to try it. Some of you may remember I've been struggling with the frizz, and the commercial promised that after one wash, I'd be a believer in Wen. Having tried so many things on my hair in the past few months to combat the frizz, including cutting about 6 inches of it off, I figured it couldn't hurt to try one more thing.

My order arrived on Saturday afternoon, so Sunday was my day to become a believer. I used the recommended amount of sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner in the shower and the anti-frizz styling cream after I towel dryed my hair, and then blow dryed the same way I always do. And I have to admit, it was a major improvement. The frizz isn't gone completely, but it's working much better than anything else I've tried. The texture of my hair is also softer and it has more shine.

Camera Roll-1334   Camera Roll-1343

But, here's the thing, in the directions for using the cleansing conditioner they recommend a number of "pumps" to use for different lengths of hair. Medium length is 16 to 24 pumps, and one pump is a pretty decent amount of product. At this rate, I'm not sure the 16oz bottle in my shower is going to last more than 2 weeks. But maybe it's worth it because it works so well? (They're right! I'm hooked!)

Has anyone else tried this stuff? Can I get away with less "pumps"? I may have to experiment and see what happens.

If anyone else is interested in trying it, they offer a kit on their website (which is what I ordered). Sephora has a kit too, but the one directly from Wen is a better buy (at least right now).



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