6.16.01 (saturday)

Just how many pairs of flip flops does one person need? This is the question I ask myself as I add another pair to the collection. If I don't curb this compulsive flip flop buying, I'll have a pair to wear for each day of summer. The problem is, they're shoes (and we all know how I feel about shoes), and they're relatively cheap, AND they don't take up much room. So when I find a pair that I LOVE, I figure I've got the budget and I've got the room, but enough is enough!

Not only did I find ANOTHER pair of flip flops yesterday, I found some fab-o scarves, on clearance. For $4 a pop, I couldn't refuse to take a couple home.
flip flops scarf!

6.15.01 (friday)
Happy Birthday to My Favorite Cousin!
She is officially a year older than me now. we've got about a month or so when we're the same age, but now she's back to being smarter than me. Apparently age = intelligence. At least she'd like to think so. She's going to see RENT tomorrow night. Fun fun!

I'm finding that most of the people I know name their cars. I've never really been that into car names. Usually other people end up naming my car for me. My last car was "Leslie" for a while, and finally ended up the "junk buggy". So now that I have a new car, everyone's asking what it's name is. Dad's been calling it the "silver bullet". While chatting with BiG the other night (his car is named "Sheila"), we ended up on the topic of car names. He suggested "Video Killed the Radio Star" as a name. Yes, I know it's long, but there's a method to his maddness. Who sings said song? The BUGgles. So I thought maybe "Vid" for short, and then I mentioned that I kind of liked the name "Viv", which we both thought was way cute. So I think my car has officially been named "Vivian", but we'll just call her "Viv".

6.14.01 (thursday)


Littlest bro finishes the 5th grade today. I don't want to sound like a total cliche, but he's growing up so fast! He'll start junior high in a few seems like only a couple of years ago we were bopping along to the Beatles as I drove him to preschool.

6.12.01 (tuesday)

Last year, for 4th of july weekend, B and I went to Humboldt. It's a lovely place. Very small, very green, and right by the ocean. It has that kind of cold dismal weather that I long for during the summer.

But there's not much to do there. We walked around the town square, went to a few beaches, and by about 3pm, we had run out of things to do. B had told me about the "bottoms"...a flat section of land out near the ocean. People keep cows in the bottoms. We were going to find the cows.

And we found lots of cows. With both of us wielding cameras, we took many pictures. A couple who had stopped by the side of the road (they wanted their baby to see the cows) commented, "You guys must really like cows." I think we ended up with 2 rolls of film...of cows.

So here you go, a couple of my favorite pictures of cows:
a cow

more cows

If you ever do have the chance to go to Humboldt, I highly recommend the Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka. They have the best wheat beer I've ever had (and it was only about $2 a pint!)

6.10.01 (sunday)

We went to the Farmer's Market this morning. I bought some diasies, because I like them, and they're only $3 for a big 'ol bunch. I didn't realize exactly how big the bunch was. We've got daisies everywhere:
daisies more daisies
I also went and saw Shrek today. I mostly wanted to see it because I'm a huge Mike Meyers fan, but I had also heard it was pretty funny...which it was. My favorite cousin, Gail and I all enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it, if you're into nifty animation/amusing not just for kids type movies.

Chop Suey, one of my favorite Edward Hopper paintings.

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