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September 24, 2002

swivel stools

I've never been to Las Vegas. I guess I never wanted to go that bad. I've been to Reno. I imagine Vegas being similar, but slightly larger and much nicer. I'm not much of a gambler, so there's really not much appeal. So why am getting on a plane Friday night to go there?

Three words: Williams Sonoma Outlet.

Forget the bright lights and the fancy hotels. It's all about discount cooking stuff. And the fact that I've never been, and my Aunt just moved there. But mostly, it's about Williams Sonoma. It was all my aunt had to mention for my mum and I to start planning a little trip to the strip.

I know, there's probably an outlet close by, but I haven't bothered looking. It's a nice excuse to take a mini vacation to visit my aunt. Besides, everyone should see Vegas at least once, right?