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September 30, 2002

Vegas sign

The first word that comes to mind is surreal. But that really doesn't do it justice...a description of Las Vegas can't be contained in one word.

As much as I'd like to come up with the many words it would take to really describe Vegas, I don't think I can. I'll attempt to show you what I mean with photos (eventually), but that still might not give you a good idea. You really just have to go and see for yourself.

Things I did/encountered on the way to, or in Vegas this weekend:
a sarcastic (but amusing) Southwest flight crew ("no smoking in the cabin, but feel free to step out on the wing where if you can light it, you can smoke it "), references to Vegas as "Lost Wages", exposed cleavage and rude frenchmen at Mandalay Bay (they might think that I don't know French, but they would be wrong, because sir, when you said in your snotty french accent "Je n'amie pas les amercains", I understood every word), the Williams Sonoma outlet (thanks to those who e-mailed regarding the outlets), an exceptional meal, a fabulous show, a 15 hour tour bus ride to the Grand Canyon (expect photos soon), crickets, Dale Chihuly glass at the Bellagio, cigarette smoke almost everywhere, and so many lights that I almost wore my sunglasses at night.

I did have fun, and I might go again. I didn't get to see the Venetian, and there's supposed to be good shopping at Ceasar's Palace. But now that I've checked 'Las Vegas' of the proverbial travel list, I don't think I need to go back for a long time.