"I laugh too loud..."
May 04, 2005



• The second try on the bridesmaid dresses was indeed the charm. As much as the maid-of-honor and I tried to convince the bride that black dresses would be super cool, we'll be wearing them in a shade called "wine".

• The boyfriend has me slightly addicted to nutritiondata.com. Specifically the part where you can look up the nutrition data on almost any food. I called him Monday night at work to complain:

Me: I'm calling to complain about nutritiondata.com
Him: What? Why?
Me: They don't have bok choy.
Him: Nobody eats bok choy.
Me: There's a whole country out there that eats bok choy! I eat bok choy!

So I googled it and found out that one of my favorite veggies is definitely a good one.

Update: From looking up all those links, I just figured out that bok choy is, in fact, on nutritiondata.com, under Chinese cabbage or "pak choi". Hmph.

• Last night, Mum accidentally left her cell phone at my house. I didn't realize this until about half an hour after I dropped her off at the train station. I figured it out when I heard a foreign ring tone (the step-dad calling to make sure she made the train). So I answered her ringing phone, knowing there was only one possible thing I could say: "Guess who left her phone at my house!"



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