"I don't know if I'll make it to Labor Day..."
May 30, 2005


Things I have done since my boyfriend left Sunday afternoon on a kayaking trip:

• Sorted through various items on a small bookshelf. Things are now in 3 piles: for the Salvation Army, for the recycling bin, and things I will possibly sell on ebay (anybody want some comics?).
• Sorted through clothes in the closet. There are now two more bags to go to the Salvation Army.
• peeled 9 pounds of pears (took photos of them first), for 2 batches of pear crisp (the first batch received rave reviews at the bbq today)
• attended a BBQ at My Favorite Cousin's house. Chatted with her sister whose husband has gone on a fishing trip for 10 days (and I thought my boy being gone for 5 days was bad)
• took way too many photos of a cute baby (they're on flickr, if you're interested)

Tomorrow I have book club. And I think I can convince K! to go to the pub on Wednesday after work. And then he should be back Thursday night.

I didn't think I could miss someone this much.



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