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July 31, 2005

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I'm not even sure where to begin. Just being there felt a little bit surreal. After the initial welcome, there was a debate. It ended up revolving around promoting your blog, and how some people end up on the technorati 100, and some people don't. Throughout this conversation, people are mentioning their blogs, and what they're about. This is when it occurs to me that my blog (I don't even like to refer to it as one), isn't really about anything. It's not political, it's not technical, it's not about helping a cause, and it's not about saving anything. It's mostly about me. And I'm even kind of vague about that part. I started to get this feeling that maybe I shouldn't be at the conference at all. But through some of the sessions, I learned that blogging about your life is referred to as 'identity blogging'. I'd never heard the term before, but figuring that out made me feel a whole lot better about being there.

Sessions I attended:

Advanced Tools: mostly revolved around RSS feeds,, and tagging. I kind of wish this session had been longer.

How to Get Naked: I wouldn't be surprised if this sessions had the most attendance. Revolved around blogging your true self, and how much of that do you reveal, and what happens if you do reveal too much. It was funny, and informative, and I'm so glad I went.

Blogging for Business: Did you know that some companies let their customers blog? Pretty cool, eh? And some companies set up blogs as sources for information and feedback. I also learned about Stonyfield Farms Caramel Underground yogurt, which I am now determined to try.

Audio/Video Casting: Should I ever desire to do so, I now know how to podcast and video cast. I highly doubt I'll ever go this route, but if I did, I'm totally set.

Disclaimer: I've never been a good reviewer.
If you're really interested in learning more about what went on, just google 'blogher', and I think you'll find a plethora of well written reviews. Some even written while the conference was going on. The fabulous ML should also have a review up on SFist soon.

I will say that I'm extremely glad I went, and would have completely regretted it if I hadn't. I met some really nice people*, and learned that if I want to continue taking photos at conferences, I need a zoom lens, and perhaps a mounted flash. I've put the photos that DID turn out up on flickr.

*Really nice people:
Black Phoebe
Cultured Wino
Min Jung Kim



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