Wardrobe Malfunction
October 18, 2005

Looking Up

Every August, we went shopping for 'school clothes'. This usually consisted of a new outfit, plus a couple of extra shirts, an extra pair of pants, and maybe new shoes. This was all very exciting for 10 year old me, until Mum would remind me of the rule she imposed every year, "You can't wear any of your new clothes until school starts!"

After waiting what seemed like FOREVER, the first day of school would arrive, and I would wear as many of my new clothes as possible, regardless of the weather. The long pants, long sleeved shirt, and sweater I was probably wearing would have been fine in the Septemeber morning, but by the afternoon, I would be sweltering in my new clothes. Hot, itchy, and miserable, but still hesitant to remove my sweater, because it goes with the whole outfit! Indian summer became my mortal enemy as this pattern repeated itself year after year.

Last Monday, I left the house wearing long pants, a t-shirt, cardigan, jean jacket, socks, and sneakers. Briefly, before I had chosen this ensemble, I had considered a skirt and sandals. But it's the middle of October! What I had on SEEMED like appropriate attire. And it was fine while I worked in an air-conditioned building. But when I ran out to get lunch around 2pm, it was 85 degrees. "Maybe it will cool off in a couple of hours," I thought. As I sat in traffic on my way home, it was still 85 degrees. Indian summer strikes again!

So there I sat in my little car, hot, itchy, and miserable. I don't even have the new clothes excuse to back up my stupid wardrobe decision. You would think after at least 20 years of dressing myself, I would have learned.

So, you win AGAIN, Indian summer, but don't gloat too much. I'm already collecting an arsenal of short sleeves, skirts, and sandals. Next year is going to be my year, I just know it.



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