Always a Bride's Maid...
October 27, 2005

Yellow and Pink

It's been a while since I've mentioned my cousin's wedding. Umm, yeah. It's on Saturday. That's two days away. TWO DAYS.

I don't really get to freak out. In fact, I'm looking forward to wearing a bride's maid dress that I actually like. It's taken SO much will power for me not to prance around the house in all its chiffon glory. Will power, and the fact that I knew I'd end up getting avocado or ice cream on it. So I settled with staring longingly at it hanging in my closet.

However, I am not completely worry-free. I'm helping with some design related things: place cards, table numbers, and the program. I've checked table numbers off the list, the place cards are ALMOST done, but the actual program part of the program is still yet to be determined. And I'd like to finish it today. While I'm at work, where the color laser printer lives. I'd really rather not have to skip out on the rehearsal dinner early to spend the evening at Kinko's, but if that's what it takes, then that's where I'll be.

The other thing is that I have to be at her house at SUNRISE on Saturday morning. I don't have a problem with waking up early, but I'm not used to waking up and doing more than sit at the kitchen table and wait for water to boil for the coffee (we're old-school with the caffeine). I'm looking on the bright side though. This will give me a chance to take obnoxious pre-wedding photos of what will be a hair and make-up extravaganza. FUN.

So big congratulatory wishes to My Favorite Cousin and her man. I wish them all the happiness in the world. They've hired a photographer, but despite my bride's maid duties, I am SO bringing the camera. Saturday might finally be the day I fill up that 1GB flash card.



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