It was a very itchy year...
January 04, 2006

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Ah, 2005. It was a good year. Let's review, shall we?
It was definitely a year of walking and hiking. Also, my first camping adventure (which sadly coincided with me breaking the G2). It has also been the year of Flickr addiction. I joined a little over a year ago, and I can't stop adding photos. The fact that I broke down and bought a digital SLR this year probably contributes to the flickr factor. What else? How could we forget BlogHer! I met some lovely people and am so glad I went (one regret on that front - that I was too shy to say hi to some of you - Tracey, for example). And then I packed up all my stuff and moved (a lot of work, but totally worth it). And there was all sorts of fun stuff involving my favorite cousin's wedding. All in all, a lot of ups and a few downs. But as far as years go, I have to say, I don't have very many complaints.

My skin totally FREAKING OUT. Possibly due to many factors: climate, elevation (I live on a mountain, kind of up high), stress, etc. I've always had sensitive skin, but it's gone a little bit nuts this year. I need help. I am now taking suggestions and advice for: deodorant, body lotion, and body wash. Despite the fact that I use 'sensitive skin' formulas for most things, my skin is still unhappy. The itching was so bad the other day while I was at the gym that I found myself nearly clawing my underarms to make it stop. I looked like a monkey. SO NOT ATTRACTIVE. Yes, I will make it to the dermatologist eventually, but until then, HELP!



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