Once Upon a Time
February 28, 2006

Long time readers might remember that there were things I used to write about ALL THE TIME. I used to go on and on about my current knitting projects, and post pictures of the finished product. I also used to talk about food and cooking a lot.

Lately, I seem to talk about anything but.

It's not that I've stopped knitting, I've just stopped writing about it. In fact, these past few weeks I've been a crazy knitting FOOL. It all started with that alien hat. Since then, I've knit 3 more alien hats, finished the one skein wonder, and finished the front of the skully sweater (which I started over a year ago). So the knitting, it continues - full speed ahead. But you'll find more about it on flickr than you will here.

I have a better explanation for the food. Which starts with an explanation about my current living situation. I live in a 4 bedroom house. Seriously! But here's the thing. I rent one room in the house (this is 'the office' and where my clothes and shoes live). The boyfriend rents another room. Our landlord has the master bedroom, and there's a guest room. Why yes, you read that right. We live with our landlord! (But she's the coolest landlord EVER.) And while we all have our own rooms, we share the rest of the house, which means we share a kitchen. So? I don't do well in a kitchen that is not my own. I tend not to want to make an effort. I don't want to get too messy. So I haven't really been cooking. In fact, the boyfriend does more of the cooking than I do. And honestly, the majority of our meals barely count as actual cooking. It's mostly heating up various things from Trader Joe's, and the occasional green salad. And for now, that's totally fine. With our commute and schedules, I don't think we really have time to cook meals from scratch anyways.

We're moving in a few months though. Which means 'll have my own kitchen again, and then you better watch out. This may turn into a foodie blog without any warning!



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