What I Almost Ate For Lunch (Not That You Care)
October 13, 2006

Cupcake Army

I try to bring my lunch for two reasons. One, it's SO much cheaper. Two, it's a bit healthier. In other words, it keeps me from running to the numerous drive-thru possibilities across the street.

Lately, lunch is a salad sans lettuce. I chop up a combination of veggies, add some beans, add a few nuts, top with my dressing of choice, and voila! Lunch. Today, was a black bean, red bell pepper, red onion, tomato, and corn combination.

So I was sitting here, at my desk, taking bites of salad inbetween e-mails and such. At one point, I just happened to look down, and notice something sort of black on a piece of tomato. I figured it must be a piece of one of the black beans. Despite the fact that my brain has already come up with an explanation for this foreign object embedded in a piece of tomato, I decide to prod the tomato with my fork to check. I didn't NEED to do this. It had already figured out what it was! I could have continued eating my salad and been none the wiser.

Sometimes the hands not listening to the brain is a blessing in disguise, because it turned out that this thing was SO not a piece of black bean. It was a worm. A very tiny, kind of dark around the edges but light in the middle, worm. It definitely LOOKED like part of a black bean. Especially when wedged in half of a small cherry tomato. I'm actually a bit surprised that I didn't totally freak out. I calmly stood up, walked over to the kitchen, and dumped the rest of my salad in the trash. I then checked for dollar bills in my wallet, because I'll probably need a snack from the vending machine later.

This small incident is not going to keep me from making my lunch, but I'll probably be doing a much closer inspection on the tomatoes I put in my salads. Assuming that the worm originated from the tomato. If it didn't, then who knows where the little bugger came from! Running across the street for lunch isn't looking so bad anymore...



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