The Ying with the Yang
November 03, 2006

I've been sort of shopping for skirts. Years ago I found the perfect skirt, and I bought two of them and they have since gone to the Goodwill because they don't fit anymore. I've been trying to find replacements, and the search had been rather fruitless until Tuesday night.

I wandered into Old Navy, which I've done many times over the past few weeks, so I was pretty sure they wouldn't have anything. I meandered through the aisles, glancing around for anything new, and then I saw them. Simple wool skirts with some decorative buttons on the front. I grabbed a black one and a gray one in my size, and practically ran to the dressing rooms. They fit well, and they were the right length! Sold! I felt like good fortune was on my side.

On my way home, I decided to indulge a food craving I've had for a few weeks. I'm a total sucker for BBQ pork chow mein. I decided to stop by a place I used to frequent and get an order to go. This particular chinese restaurant has changed names a couple of times, and it appears that they've changed owners this last time. I placed my order, wonton soup and chow mein, and waited. About 10 minutes later I was on my way home, eagerly anitcipating some chow mein.

I got home, checked the mail, changed into my pajams, switched on the tv, and started dinner with a bowl of soup. It was okay, but a little bit more bland than I remembered. Ah well, at least I had chow mein to look forward to! I walked back in the kitchen, opened up my second container of food, and found myself staring at a heaping portion of pork fried RICE.

Apparently my good fortune didn't carry over to dinner.

I was disappointed. I ended up eating the rice anyways, and it just wasn't as good as the fried rice I remembered from this particular restaurant. Probably due to the fact that it wasn't what I really wanted, and because it just wasn't that good (a bit on the greasy side). I think I'm going to have to find a new place to order take-out chinese food from.

At least the evening wasn't a total disappointment. It's much easier to handle mediocre fried rice for dinner when you've got a cute skirt to wear the next day.



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