The Trouble with the Trunk
November 04, 2006

My Mum and Step-dad have a rather new car, and it came with all sorts of bells and whistles. But they live in San Francisco, so they drive it maybe a couple of times a week. Mum's had trouble getting used to this car. Partly because she tends to be on the technology challenged side, and partly because I don't think she drives it enough to really get used to all those bells and whistles. A few weeks after they bought it she came to pick me up at my apartment, and wasn't able to open the passenger side door from inside the car. The trunk is temperamental, and more then once, I've been witness to the alarm going off while Mum has tried to open it. To me this is all understandable, as I still freak out when my car makes that low fuel level beep, and I've been driving it for over 5 years.

I spent most of today with my Mum, and she drove. We'd had no car related issues at all. We'd put stuff in the trunk, taken stuff out of the trunk and no problems. Near the end of the day, we stopped at the mall and came back to the car with a small bounty. We walked over to the car and Mum started pressing the button on the keys that was supposed to open the trunk. Nothing happened.

"This isn't our car."
"Yes it is, this is where we parked."
"Why isn't the trunk opening? I don't want the alarm to go off again. Is that our license plate? I don't think this is our car."
"I'm pretty sure this is where we parked..."

I turned around, and noticed that we were parked exactly where I remembered, at the end of one of the garage ramps. I stood there staring, and then realized that we were standing at the top of the down ramp. We had ACTUALLY parked at the top of the up ramp. I turned to look a few cars down, and there was an identical silver car, sitting with its trunk gaping open. Doh.

It seems that Mum has finally figured out the opening of the trunk. Now if only her first born could identify the RIGHT CAR.



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