The Eternal Question
November 27, 2006

It's the question I dread, but I'm almost always the one asking it. "What's for dinner?" Sometimes I'm on top of it, and I know exactly what we're going to have, and can even envision the leftovers for lunch or dinner the day after. Other times I stare blankly into the fridge, and wonder if the Thai place a few blocks away will deliver.

But tonight! Tonight, I had an epiphany. Once again, I found myself scanning the shelves of the fridge for inspiration. Broccoli, shallots, eggs...and then it hit me. Frittata! I pulled out How To Cook Everything to look up the basic frittata recipe, and went to work.

Making this dish reminded me that it's the perfect way to get rid of odds and ends in the fridge, especially if they're already cooked. Take some eggs, and whisk in some cheese and any other cooked veggies or whatever else you need to empty out of the fridge, and dump it all in an oven safe skillet. Let it heat on the stove a bit to cook the bottom, then chuck it in the oven to cook the top. It's practically a one dish meal! Though I served mine with some roasted butternut squash.

Hopefully I can remember this epiphany next time I'm searching for an answer to the eternal question, "what's for dinner?"



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