Anatomy Lesson
December 06, 2006

The house we used to live in had only one heat source. A wood burning stove in the den. On chilly nights, I'd sometimes leave my room and go huddle near the stove. Our landlord's television choice for the evening had a major impact over the amount of time I'd spend thawing out. She had a thing for police and law drama shows (CSI , anyone?), but every once in a while, she'd be watching something that held my interest. This is how I finally realized that the "Grey's Anatomy" I had heard people talking about was not the documentary Gray's Anatomy. I ended up watching tidbits of a couple of episodes. Soon after, I found myself making up excuses to be in the den when Grey's Anatomy was on.

But after we moved, I kind of forgot about it.

On Sunday, Kellie and I ended up on her couch crocheting and watching season one of Grey's Anatomy. She had rented the DVDs, and we were hooked. In fact, once we were finished with season one, we went directly to the video rental place and rented the first disc of season two.

Here's the thing. I'm not a huge fan of medical drama shows. I may have watched a couple episode of Chicago Hope eons ago. I've never really liked ER. Scrubs is the only medical related show I've really made an effort to watch (LOVE that comedy central is showing reruns) and that's probably due to it's goofy, not overly dramatic nature. But there's something about Grey's Anatomy. Yeah, there's drama, but there's also this snarky/sweet side. At one point when we were watching season two, the main character made a reference to the John Cusack Say Anything boom box over the head thing. Also? Kick ass music. There's so many little things that have endeared this show to me, I guess I'm able to over look the medical drama and blood.

And with that, I'm off to add the rest of whatever Grey's Anatomy is out on DVD to my Netflix queue.



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