The One About Onion Goggles
February 06, 2007

You may remember eons ago when I told you about my goggles. I had dubbed them my 'onion goggles' because I wasn't using them while swimming. They were specifically purchased to wear while cutting onions, because I have serious crying issues while cutting onions (even green onions sometimes). Over the years, these goggles have become scratched and while they still kind of work, they get fogged up easy and really what's the point if you can't see what you're chopping? I think I'd rather cry a little than chop off a finger (which would probably result in crying a lot).

So you might imagine that I was overjoyed to discover someone has actually made Onion Goggles! I saw a pair at a Sur La Table Store over the weekend (though I can't seem to find them on their web site). They look like they'll be much easier to wear due to the fact that they're more like glasses and less like swimming goggles. The strap on the goggles had a tendency to muss up my hair (though that isn't really a problem now since I cut it all off). Also, they come in their own storage case, so less chance of them getting all scratched up.

I'm adding a pair to my wish list RIGHT NOW.



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