Big Thing
March 29, 2007

Blue, Green, Red

A morning conversation (paraphrased because it happened last week):

Him: You didn't notice the big thing that I did yesterday.
Me (looking around the apartment for signs of a "big thing"): Uh, thank you for vacuuming?
Him: You're welcome, but that wasn't the big thing.
Me: Uh...thank you for doing the dishes?
Him: You're welcome, but that isn't it either.
Me: Oh come on, just tell me.
Him: No, you have to guess, which means I get to be bitchy for a couple of days while you figure out what it was that I did.
Me (looking around the apartment again): Aha! You took the old printer* to the recycling center!
Him (in very defeated tone): Yeah...
Me: Thanks babe! That's great! Wait, what's wrong? Oh, you're upset because now you don't get to be bitchy for two days?
Him: Yes.

*We had an Epson 3-in-1 printer that suddenly stopped working, which we replaced with a fantastic new HP printer. The old one had been sitting in the living room for a couple of weeks. I was absolutely sure I'd be the one hauling it to the recycling center...



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