I'll Gladly Pay You Saturday for a Sandal Today
May 22, 2007

Sunny in San Fancisco

First: Happy belated birthday to the little brother! He turned 30 yesterday.

Second: Happy birthday to Morrissey! (Once a Smiths fan, always a Smiths fan.)

Third: Photos from Saturday at the Maker Faire are here.

Finally: Am I the only one having a hard time finding casual sandals for summer? It feels like everything out there is either dressier than I want, or too sporty. I have some strappy Dansko sandals that I like, but tend to feel a little too dressy sometimes. The other end of the spectrum are my Chaco sandals, which I also like but feel a little too casual to wear to work except for Fridays. I thought I found a good option with a pair of chunky Dr. Marten's sandals which are working out quite well, but they don't pair with everything. I attempted to wear them with a skirt today and something about the combination was a little...off.

It doesn't help that I have wide feet and am picky about the sandal looking right on my foot. I don't want too much of a heel, but something with enough cushion for my temperamental feet. It feels like the nicer shoe companies (Born, Dansko) try to embellish sandals to make them dressier than they sometimes need to be, and I'm frustrated. However, I did order a pair of Earth sandals today. I'm hoping the comfort factor will win me over because I'm not 100% in love with the little knot bit on the front. If it weren't for that, they'd probably be perfect. (See what I mean about being picky?) I'll let you know how they work out, but until then I'll ask you: Do you have sandals that you love that go with everything? Leave a comment (and a link!) and help a girl (and the interweb) out.



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