July 05, 2007


My shoes are staging a revolt, I fear.

The Campers went for the balls of my feet and caused the strap on a "not sock" to break.
The Converse (even with an arch support insert) were not supportive enough.
The clogs apparently turned to stone because they felt entirely too heavy when walking at a brisk pace.
The Birkenstocks decided a blister on the bottom of my foot would be SO MUCH FUN.
The Grip Fast saddle shoes (with an insert for a little more supprt) strangled my feet like a boa constrictor (without the insert they weren't too bad, but still too hot for summer).
The Dr. Marten's sandals just rubbed the wrong way (and made my shins hurt for some reason)
The Earth Mary Janes took a hint from Grip Fast and tried their own strangling act.
The Chaco's actually weren't that bad, but I only wear them on Fridays.

I've been walking to the train station every morning for about 2 weeks. In that time, I've worn a different pair of shoes almost every day. After walking a mile, none of them hold up their comfort end of the bargain. Perhaps they're unhappy living in a haphazard pile in the closet. Or maybe they'd just prefer to get out more. Whatever the case may be, I think I may need a new pair of cute sandals for summer.



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