False Start (or a Pause, If You Will)
August 01, 2007


You were expecting shoes today, weren't you? I was totally planning on showing you some shoes, and telling you all about them. Where I bought them, why I bought them, and why I love them (or maybe don't love them but can't part with them). But I have no shoes for you.

Instead of coming directly home after work and taking a photo of shoes, I went to Target. On my way home from Target I decided I should get my nose pierced. This is not as whimsical as you might think it to be.

I've been contemplating the nose piercing for a while now. I even attempted to get it done a couple weekends ago in Santa Cruz (and failed miserably - one place wasn't doing piercing anymore, and the piercer wasn't in at the other place). I had done a little bit of research on where to go locally to have a hole put in my nose, and as I was driving home from Target, thinking that the piercing place was only a slight detour on my way home and I could just go now and get it over with, my car sort of steered itself there. About an hour later, I was heading home with a sparkly little bit of jewelry in my nose.

So, In light of today's spontaneous decision, I think tomorrow would be a better day to start writing about my shoes. Unless tomorrow also seems like a good day to go get a tattoo...



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