Catch-Up, In List Form
October 03, 2007


Things that have happened since last Tuesday:

  • I caught a cold. I still have this cold. I'm VERY annoyed with this cold. Though I'm down to only the occasional cough, so I can deal.

  • I've always wanted a pair of motorcycle boots, and I finally decided to order a pair. Three Zappos orders and four pairs later, we have a winner.

  • I also discovered pointy-toed flats. It turns out I love pointy-toed flats. Though I don't think shoes with skulls and crossbones are all that appropriate to wear to a wedding.*

  • I'm leaving tomorrow to go to a wedding. My step-brother is getting married. I think they've probably hired a photographer, but this will not stop me from bringing my camera and taking photos.

  • Did you know that on the first Tuesday of the month, Gap/BR/Old Navy card holders get 10% off? I found out yesterday when I tried to use a coupon and the cashier was nice enough to suggest I use the card holder discount instead and save the coupon. I've been shopping at Old Navy and the Gap for longer than I'd care to admit and I had no idea they did this! Am I the only one that didn't know about this?

  • Today has been proclaimed The Great Mofo Delurk 2007. So leave a comment. Say hi.


* Of course, this completely depends on the type of wedding you're going to. Heck, I'd wear shoes will skulls on them at my own wedding.



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