October 09, 2007

Leaving SFO

I haven't changed the CDs in my car since December. This is possibly a good thing because it means I'm not driving my car as much. However, I think it's about time I at least switched one or two of them out. It's been almost a YEAR. (file under: lazy)

I spent three days in Southern California last week. My step-brother married his lovely finacee in a short, sweet ceremony overlooking a harbor. It was colder than any of us expected (I brought a jacket - file under: smart!). I took a few photos, and still need to sort through them all. The lighting at the ceremony was a bit wonky, and I'm thinking I might have to invest in a decent flash for future wonky lighting situations. My love for natural light is preventing me from buying something right away. Though we'll see how I feel about it after I do some more post-processing on the images in question...

De-lurkers, I love you. As a fellow lurker, I appreciate all of you that stopped by and said hi on the 3rd. You made my day. I wish I could have done the same for my ever expanding blog roll, but there's just wasn't enough time. In the future, I'm going to try and de-lurk a little bit more. (file under: commenting is good)



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