October 20, 2007

Crossed Wires

1. I volunteered to take photos for a work sponsored function this morning (did you know today is National Osteoporosis Day? I bet you didn't). This meant I had to wake up EARLY. On a SATURDAY and drive to San Francisco. And wear an ill-fitting purple shirt.

2. But I was done by 10:30, which meant I got to go hang out with my Mum for a little while. We brunched, and then we found ourselves in a candy store. We tried a bunch of tasty treats, and I took some photos.

3. Three years ago today, I went on my first date with the boyfriend. We're going to celebrate tomorrow though, because tonight we're celebrating the birthday of j - I never update my blog - parks. There will be sushi and there will be jumping in a room full or trampolines. Which I think is a fair trade for postponing our little anniversary.

However, we did not postpone the presents. I bought him a book and he's taking me out to a nice dinner tomorrow. I thought he might take a hint from my last post and gift me with the perfect kitchen timer. But a nice dinner out is even better than a silly old kitchen timer. Besides, it would make an excellent holiday gift. I can wait until December.

I think.



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