Another Installment of My Favorite Things...
December 03, 2007

New Favorite Necklace

This is my new favorite necklace. I've been going through a squirrel/acorn phase and etsy had tons of little items to fuel my squirrely tendencies. I bought the acorn necklace from November Lily. She has tons of other lovely items to choose from.

The Gap (I hate to admit) has my new favorite tank top. It's like a sleeveless t-shirt, but it's a tank top! It's not ribbed, and it's nice and stretchy, and has been the perfect layering piece under a sweater. They've been out of most sizes and colors for a while, but I've been checking the site daily and was happy to find them all stocked up today.

I've ordered many a ring from the Carrot Box over the years, and I love them all. Last week I ordered a tall Murano glass band. I thought it would be the perfect "out on the town" ring - it's black with little flecks of silver. Sparkly! Fun! When it arrived today, I almost ordered the boyfriend to drop what he was doing and take me out for drinks. I wanted to dress up and wear it out right then and there. As it's Monday night, going out for drinks was not going to happen. I think MAYBE I can wait until the weekend...



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