Because I'm Sure You're DYING to Know
March 06, 2008


First off, a big thank you to everyone who left ideas and name suggestions for the sleek and shiny new iMac. I have yet to actually name it. Though I am leaning towards ML's suggestion of "Posey", because then I could name the external hard drive "Parker", which would be the start of an indie film actor theme (we could then say the iPod is named "Clive" after Clive Owen). However, I'm not 100% sold on the idea, and am still hoping inspiration might knock me on the head soon.

In case you're wondering about my hesitation, not waiting for inspiration is how my little brother and I ended up naming our childhood calico (black, white and ORANGE) cat "Oreo", and then coming up with a slew of more interesting (and more appropriate) names much later. Despite our grand epiphany, Mum decided it was too late to change the cat's name.

I do realize we're talking about a computer, and not something that will actually RESPOND to its given name. The world won't end if I come up with something more appropriate months later, but I don't want to give the poor machine a complex. Also, I should probably decide if the iMac is a boy or girl. That might help things a long, but I'm hoping the right name will suddenly appear and THAT will help determine its gender.

(I'm making this naming thing way more complicated than it needs to be, aren't I?)

When I finally do name the darn thing, I'll be sure to let y'all know. Perhaps, I'll even take a screen capture. I bet you CAN'T WAIT!



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