I've Got My Philosophy
April 29, 2008


Roughly two months ago, I gave up. I cried uncle, stomped in to my nearest Sephora, and bought a bottle of Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser. EVERYONE had been raving about this stuff. It was like my RSS feeds had become a face wash advertisement. I HAD NO CHOICE. It's not like my current face care routine was letting me down, but from everything I had heard and read, this would be the only face wash I would ever need EVER AGAIN.

You might be able to tell, by my use of the caps lock key, that the Philosophy face wash and I didn't exactly work well together.

In the beginning, I had high hopes, even though I was a little worried due to the sensitive skin issues I've rambled on about before. The first few weeks were fine. I didn't notice any drastic improvements or anything, but I decided I'd keep using it. After a couple more weeks, I started to notice small pimples. This isn't out of the ordinary for me (though don't get me started on being over 30 and still having to deal with pimples - DEAR GOD WHEN WILL IT END), so I kept on washing my face every night with the stuff. Then the dry patches started. I chalked that up to a slight change in the weather and continued on.

After about a month and a half, I decided I should stop using it. What, might you ask, was the Philosophy face wash deal breaker? The giant, cystic pimples.These were not normal pimples. They were super pimples that were impervious to my Neutrogena On the Spot acne treatment, and refused to go away in a timely manner. I had never experienced pimples like these ever before, and I wanted to avoid them at all costs in the future, so I went running back to my trusty bottle of Cetaphil. Can you blame me?

While I'm not painting a very pretty picture of this particular Philosophy product, it's not my intention to discourage you from trying it. Other people rave about it, so I imagine it must work great for them. In fact, if you'd like to try it, I've got half a bottle I can sell you for cheap...



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