Copy Cat
August 11, 2008

Whatchoo Lookin' At

Well! It is a week of "firsts" over here at the Ugly Green Chair! First, I get some free stuff for saying nice things about socks, and today I found out that someone has blatantly (and rather poorly) copied my site design (thanks again to Melissa for the heads-up).

I've spent the last half hour looking over the site, and it's obvious he's copied me, but he did use his own code (a big fan of tables, this one - but I'm all about the CSS). He's taken my background image and altered it, which I'm not that upset about. I originally downloaded it for free and changed the color. The thing I am pissed about? He's stolen MY header! With the name and tagline for MY site! That I CREATED! Which just happens to be copyrighted! Oh, and also? It has NOTHING to do with his site save for the word "chair". THAT is the part that's making me REALLY ANGRY.

I've got a "cease and desist" style e-mail all written up, and I just need to hit send. Sadly, I don't have very high hopes that it will accomplish anything, but we'll see. Maybe I should offer to re-do his header for reasonable rate? Say, $500 an hour? Does that sounds good? I think it does.



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