Is it 2010 yet?
January 07, 2009

Taking Flight

Dear 2009,

I know we just met, and it may be a little soon to write, but I'm done now. SERIOUSLY. I've had enough.

The cold that I came down with on January first? Still lingering. Yet it's not making me feel bad enough to miss work, just bad enough to wish that I had gone home early (but I can't - too much stuff to do). The slipping and falling on my mom's shortest flight of stairs? Could have done without that. The bruise is still there, and I don't think it's going away any time soon. And then there was the whole leaving my almost brand new iPod on the plane, and not remembering until I'd been home for a few hours. REALLY could have done without that. That could have been quite enough, but no, Then there was the rubber band in my hummus on Tuesday. I know, it could have been worse, but also, TOTALLY NOT NECESSARY. And today, well, today we have the cat that won't get tired of playing and must be paid attention to at ALL TIMES. I can't get anything done. He's getting into EVERYTHING (moments ago, he tried to climb the bookshelf). We went and bought curtains tonight so we could keep the blinds up because GUESS WHAT? That cat is wrecking them when trying to get to the windows sill. (Of course the curtain rods we bought are probably the only ones that don't come with screws, so we have to wait until tomorrow to hang them up - one more day with the sheet hanging in the window using push pins. Yay.)

So now, don't you think that's QUITE ENOUGH? I'm honestly not sure I can handle any more.

The only reason I can fathom that you might be putting all this on me is so my friends and family don't have to endure. And if that's really the case, then bring in on bitches! But if that's not the case? I think I might have to go hide from you until 2010.




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