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February 19, 2009

Found Heart

With the good, there's always a little bad, isn't there? Everyone's response to my engagement has been overwhelmingly positive and happy, yet the news comes amidst the diagnosis of of my Grandma's failing health. Which is very distressing, but almost more shocking than anything else. In her almost 90 years of life, she's had minimal health issues. None of us were expecting this. So it was nice to be able to call my Dad and step-mom with some happy news to announce while they were visiting my grandparents. While it's not a miracle cure, it's at least a little brightness amidst a dark spot.

As for me, I've at least got wedding research and planning to distract me. It's going to be a long engagement. I couldn't even give you a ballpark date right now. We want to save up some money and I need to pay off some debt but that gives us plenty of time to plan what we really want.

However, I'm finding some of this wedding planning stuff a little bit overwhelming and I've barely started. I investigated a couple of wedding sites the other day and had to close them almost immediately because it was just TOO MUCH. The only site I've been able to look at for any length of time is OffBeat Bride. I've never been one of those girls that's been planning her dream wedding in her head since she learned what a wedding was. I would occasionally think about what I might want if the topic came up, and now that I REALLY need to think about what I DO want, it seems I have no clue. Spending a little time looking at the weddings profiled on OffBeat Bride has at least kick started the wedding hamster running on a little wheel in my brain.

The one thing I'm almost completely sure about is that we should have the festivities in the Aptos/Santa Cruz area. It's where we met and where we got engaged. That seems like a no-brainer. The other thing I'm sure about? The shoes. (Assuming I wear a white dress. But even if I don't, Dr. Martens come in a rainbow of colors, so I'm covered.)



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