Happily Springing Forward
March 11, 2009

Castro Street-keh

Despite the fact that it has definitely messed up my sleep schedule for a few days, I'm LOVING this daylight savings thing. Not just because it's still light out when I leave work either. It's mostly because our cat? He has no clue about any of this spring forward business. So while he thinks he's waking up at the same time (3am) to crawl under the covers (because apparently 3am is optimal cuddling time), he's now actually waking up at 4am. Then an hour later, when he MUST BE FED NOW it's somewhere between 5 and 6am (instead of 4 or 5am). We're much less compelled to lock him out of the bedroom, because it doesn't seem so ungodly early when he's mewing and pacing around the room. And even though I know I'm probably not really getting that much more sleep, it just FEELS that way, and that's what counts.

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