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May 04, 2009

Spring is in the Air

There's all sorts of little things going on, and by the time I actually sit down to maybe write a bit about them, I kinda don't feel like writing about them. I am still planning on writing a big old post about buying eyeglasses online, but I'm waiting for the last pair to arrive so I can compare ALL SIX PAIRS. Did I mention I was kind of addicted to the buying eyeglasses online?

Oh, and there were some baby ducks at work. BABY DUCK DRAMA. However it was over with almost as soon as it started, so I won't go into it here. But the ducks will be taken care of and then released into a wildlife sanctuary area when they're ready. They're preserved forever digitally here.

I'm also worried about the whole AIDS Lifecycle thing that the boyfiance is involved in. We're getting closer to the date, and at some point when it's all over, he has to get back here from Los Angeles, and I think that's going to involve me doing a lot of driving. Possibly by myself, but possibly not. Also, possibly driving down and back in a day and a half or something crazy like that. Not having a plan is starting to slowly eat away at my brain.

Then my car, oh my car. I just plunked a bit of money into it and it's still blaring it's little orange check engine light in my face. It just makes me sad, especially since I only have one more payment left to make. I have to get it smogged this month, so I have to do something about the annoying orange light soonish. And I have to go INSIDE an actual DMV office to renew my license before my birthday (16 days away!). Do I still tell them my hair is blondish even though I've dyed it brown? I DON'T KNOW!

This is just a fraction of what's been going on and it's kind of making my brain do somersaults and I mostly just want to go crawl in a corner and scream "I WANT MY MOM".

So while I'm off doing that, sit tight, and I'll tell you all about ordering eyeglasses online soon. Until then, maybe you'd want to support the boyfiance with his bicycling endeavor? (Many thanks to those who have already donated!)




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