"Cohesive"? No, Afriad I'm Not Familiar With It
June 16, 2009


I sort of alluded to it before, but by this Friday I should know whether or not I'll be "kicked off the island". The rumors circulating and low morale have made the past couple of weeks a bit weird. I find that lately I'd rather be on the couch with a beer or a glass of wine than out taking photos or writing blog entries (though let's be honest, I'm just not very good at this anymore, so the blog entries probably weren't going to happen regardless of possible island booting).

On the plus side, I've been cooking more, and daylight savings time makes it possible for me to take photos of the food I'm making during actual daylight hours! Though that seems to be the only thing I take photos of lately. That and random garden snails.

I've recently discovered how easy it is to post things to tumblr, so I've been making much better use of the blog I started there and basically bookmarking recipes I want to make. This is probably contributing to the increased amount of cooking.

So despite my employment status being totally up in the air, I did make a decision about something earlier today (and, big surprise, it's food related). No matter what happens, I'm going to make cinnamon rolls. It's the one thing that I love that I've never attempted to make from scratch. It won't help keep me employed or assist me in finding a job, but it is giving me something to look forward to.



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