September 29, 2009

Little Sprout

One of the blog related pieces of advice I picked up at one of the BlogHer Food panels was how useful Twitter can be for networking. I've heard stories, and I've been on Twitter long enough to see how that can happen. The thing updates are protected. Because I complain about my day job (I say this as though I have a night job, which I do not, but doesn't it make me sound so busy and accomplished?). I complain about it fairly often, actually. And it sounds like this networking on Twitter thing works better if your updates aren't protected.

So rather than make my existing Twitter account available for the entire world and risk getting dooced, I started a new Twitter account! Especially for this here blog! For, as I mentioned to Regan, "networking and shit". I even customized the background for the Twitter profile page! Isn't it pretty?!

So I'm still keeping the personal Twitter account, which will always remain protected, and I'm probably going to limit access to that a little bit more than I was. But now there's the Ugly Green Chair public Twitter account! It's the same inane stuff I've always been tweeting, but for the whole twitterverse to see! I'm even going to try and not duplicate tweets! So if you were already following my protected twitter account, feel free to follow the other one too. I CAN'T STOP YOU! There's even a handy little link over there in the sidebar.



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