Bacon Links
November 08, 2009

Totally Kosher

In the photo above, that burger is lacking bacon (I actually ordered it with bacon, but they forgot, so it ended up on the side.) However, the links below are all FULL of bacon related goodness:

  • Bacon is a Vegetable Shirt from Diesel Sweeties. (I bought this for my dad for Christmas a few years ago.)
  • Bacon Salt (also purchased for my dad as a gift)
  • All sorts of bacon-y things at Archie McPhee! I particularly like the "What Would Bacon Do?" Deluxe Spin Folder.
  • And just in case you didn't know about it already, the I Heart Bacon blog!

I'm sure I could find more bacon-y goodness for you, but it's late, and despite going out for breakfast this morning (which we almost never do), I had NO BACON and it's made me a bit crankier than normal.



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