December 05, 2009


One year ago (almost exactly, I think), we adopted Miles. I figured adopting a cat that was a year old would mean we wouldn't have to endure the crazy kitten phase. However, I forgot that one year old doesn't necessarily mean we've outgrown the crazy kitten phase.

He had to wear the cone of shame the first week we brought him home, but once that thing was off, it was like we unleashed crack-head kitteh. He wouldn't sleep, he wouldn't let us sleep, he tore around the house, tried to climb up bookshelves, ate plants, and just generally got in to everything. But we endured, and he's calmed down a bunch, but he's still getting in to things, and while it's kind of annoying, it's also endlessly amusing.

Shortly after he arrived home, I noticed he was a carrier of things. We'd throw crumpled up paper for him, and he'd sometimes pick it up with his mouth. Then he was gifted with a little fake mouse, and we discovered the fetching. We didn't teach him how to do it, he just does it, consistently. You throw the mouse, he brings it back. When he gets tired of it, he bats the mice under the fridge. We also discovered he loves feathers. And if left unsupervised, he'll eat most of the feather toy that you just brought home from Target.

He'll also attempt to eat lots of other things. Like loaves of bread. Or entire bags of dried anchovies. He even managed to get into the pantry and puncture a carton of soup. VEGETARIAN SOUP. The theory has been presented that perhaps at one time he had to scavenge for food and the instinct still kicks in when he's bored. Personally, I think he's just trying to compete with Murray.

He's definitely a handful, but I wouldn't trade him for anything. He sits in the window and is visibly excited when we get home. He sleeps on my legs every night, and sometimes, when there's no more mice to fetch and nothing to steal off the counter, he'll come curl up on my lap and take a nap.

So happy one-year anniversary, crazy little cat. Here's hoping that the curling-up-on-the-lap thing becomes more common as you get older.



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