The Januaries Strike Again
January 21, 2010

Birch Bay

And that, my friends, is why I don't make resolutions. Though maybe I need to make reverse resolutions. Maybe if I had mentioned that I was definitely not going to be posting as often, then I'd all of a sudden have all sorts of things to post about. Or maybe I just need to shut-up and post when I can.

Last January proved to be pretty awful compared to the rest of the year, and this January is really trying to compete (much to my dismay). If you'll recall, late December I sprained my ankle (which is doing much better, but still a little wonky), which I figured was my annual holiday injury happening early. Oh, how wrong I was. On my way home from Washington, while hauling around a laptop bag and my camera bag, I managed to majorly pull a muscle in my back. It hurt so bad that it didn't seem to matter how I moved, it just hurt. After about a week of hobbling around (plus massive amounts of advil and a heating pad) it finally started to get better, and that's when I got food poisoning. Seriously. It was at one of my favorite pho places, where I've been going for YEARS. It's not the worst bout I've ever had, but I think it ranks as #2. In a 36 hour period, I ate about a dozen saltines and only drank gatorade or tea. Fun!

On the bright side, I did finally replace my iPod and I learned a new way to tie a scarf. I've also been knitting a bit more (as long as the cat isn't paying attention, the yarn is safe!), and I've been practicing my ukulele, which makes me happy. It's such a fun, happy little instrument. I'm thinking I might even pay for some lessons!

So here's to January almost being over! Also, just a reminder, if there's not much going on over here, I do tend to add stuff to my tumblr blog fairly regularly. Because if the past few weeks have been any indication, things around here might be a little stagnant...



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