You're No Big Deal
February 12, 2010

On a Limb

The thing about getting engaged on Valentines Day is that I guess now we have to make a big deal out of February 14th? Well, I say it's totally up to us. And after the boy-fiance went through the trouble of planning last year's totally unexpected proposal, I decided to take the reins this year. So I made dinner reservations...and that's it. Maybe we'll even order dessert! I know...I might fall over from all the excitement.

Do people even make a big deal out of the day they got engaged? Is it one of those days you celebrate? Maybe if you're like us and decide to take your sweet time getting to the actual wedding part, you do a little something to remember the day?

Anyways. We're going out to dinner, and maybe we'll manage to agree on a movie or something. But really, after last year's big day, I'm totally okay with keeping it low-key this year.

So here's to a good weekend, whatever your plans (or lack of) may be.

And on a totally unrelated note...I signed up on If anyone wants to ask a question, go for it. Maybe it'll give me ideas for stuff to write about...



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