April 07, 2010

Future Daffodils

Did I ever mention the hula dance class I took a couple of years ago? I don't think I did. I don't actually have much to say about it except that once it was over, the boy-fiance and I decided that learning the ukulele might be more fun than the dance class I had just finished.

I started looking up info online...where to buy a uke, local places that had classes and then promptly forgot all about it. Until late last year when a friend started posting some videos of herself playing her uke. I asked for one for Christmas, and ended up with two!

Right away, I found a slew of information online. I bookmarked a handful of good websites, printed out tons of tabs, and watched some instructional videos. With all that and the help of some books, I managed to teach myself a couple of chords and some simple songs. But then I hit a wall. Which I was little dismayed by, because a recurring theme in a lot of what I had read was how easy it was to learn the ukulele.

So I did the next logical thing, I signed up for lessons. Which have been a HUGE help, but I'm still feeling a little like I must be a ukulele dunce, because while I am improving, it seem that no matter how much I practice, I'm still not quite getting it. Something I think I've got one night, my brain has trouble with the next night. There are times when my fingers simply refuse to work the way my brain tells them to (which may have more to do with my grey matter than the instrument, but still frustrating). Where was all this easy everyone was talking about? So then I thought maybe a uke upgrade would help? At least it would motivate me to practice more?

Then today, while checking my twitter feed, I came across this article on Ukulele Hunt: Ten Things You Hear About Ukuleles That Might Be Bollocks

People, the first thing on there? That might be bollocks?

"It's easy to play the ukulele."

FINALLY! The truth! I'm not crazy (well, not much anyways), and I'm not a uke-dunce. It really is not easy to play the ukulele! (This article on why it's easier to play the guitar than the ukulele is good too.) I feel SO much better! I wasn't planning on quitting or anything, but now I'm even more gung-ho about practicing, because I feel like it's going to get me somewhere EVENTUALLY. And so far, even with the bits of frustration, I've really enjoyed playing (if you can call playing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star over and over again "playing").

I still kind of want to upgrade my ukulele though.



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