Vacation, All I Ever Wanted
July 14, 2010

Time, Time, Time

It's vacation eve! I suppose my vacation technically started the minute the wheels of my car drove out of the parking lot at work, but then I came home to do laundry and that is definitely not a vacation.

I've mostly packed (too much stuff), and I've got the camera bag/carry on bag thing sorted out. Oh! And I'm bringing an iPad with me instead of a laptop. I mostly use the laptop for checking email and playing solitaire, so the iPad should be able to handle that (and more!). We'll see how that goes. I think my back will thank me (that little laptop is HEAVY).

I'm so looking forward to this vacation for many reasons, but mostly because I'll finally have time to paint my damn toe nails. Hell, maybe I'll even splurge and get a pedicure!

Hopefully lots of photos when I return! And not just of my toes.



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