Not Petty at All
September 23, 2010

Classic Hydrangea

If you had told me 10 years ago that I'd be wearing dresses and skirts as much as I do now, I would have laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. But it's true! Okay, so I may wear the dresses over pants, but still. I pretty much wear a dress every day. And more and more often, not over pants.

The thing is, if I'm not wearing a dress or a skirt over pants, I still feel kind A couple of years ago, I found a place online to order bloomers. You gave them all your measurements and they sent you a custom pair of bloomers! So I ordered a pair, and it turned out I had been a little generous with the sizing and they were a little too big. Definitely still wearable, but very roomy. I wore the heck out of 'em, but a little thought started to generate. A little voice in my brain was whispering, "You know how to sew...make your own damn bloomers."

It's true. I know how to sew. I even have a sewing machine. I've even made a skirt or two. But I'm a lazy about sewing. I tend to sacrifice a few steps to get to the finished product faster. Even so, I eventually decided to sew myself some bloomers. I bought the necessary supplies, and then, without a pattern or anything, I sewed myself a pair of bloomers. I used some fuzzy memories from a middle school sewing class and the existing bloomers as a sort of guide and I sewed something. And they fit. Sort of. I don't want to get into all the messy details, but I had to get creative and I made them work. I figured I was wearing them UNDER other things, so it didn't matter that much.

But it kind of did. While they mostly fit and were wearable, they just weren't that comfy. So eventually I made another pair, and ended up with similar problems. Still wearable, but not that comfy. So I broke down and I bought something else.

After seeing a couple of people mention them, I decided to try a pair of Pettipants. I was worried they might not fit. That they'd be too small. Or too long. Or something. But they so aren't. They're actually the best $9.79 I've ever spent. BECAUSE THEY FIT. After wearing them a couple of times and deciding that they were indeed the best thing since sliced bread, I ordered 2 more pairs. I may still wear the homemade bloomers sometimes, but that's only if every pair of Pettipants I own is in the laundry.

Don't worry though, I'm not giving up on the sewing. I think I may try a dress next...but no shortcuts! And I'm definitely using a pattern. Now I just have to find one...



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