Movin' On Up
October 03, 2010

Lazy Labor Day Kitteh

This weekend started out fairly normal. Of course, saying that can only mean that it didn't end that way...

For the past 4 and a half years, we've been living in a one-bedroom apartment. Which hasn't been bad, but it's close quarters, and not a great set-up for entertaining more than one or two people. We almost never invite people over because we'd rather not be tripping over them all evening. Also, we only have room for 3 chairs at our kitchen table.

We love the building we're in and the location. We've talked about trying to get into one of the coveted two-bedroom apartments here, but every time one has opened up, we've kind of missed it. So we talked ourselves out of it. We'll save money by staying in a one bedroom! We don't NEED more room.

And then yesterday, we overheard the manager talking to someone in her former two-bedroom apartment (she and her husband just moved into the only three-bedroom in the building). So we decided to go check it out. It was probably already taken, but it wouldn't hurt to look. So we took a gander at the place, chatted with the manager a bit, and a few minutes later we were talking about signing a new lease and moving in ASAP. So yeah, wasn't really expecting that but oh my gosh, so excited now! TWO BEDROOMS!

We're trying to move in the next week or so, which shouldn't be too bad since it's in the same building, but oh my gosh, we have so much stuff crammed in this apartment it's not even funny. But now we have more room for all of it! And we can have guests! Did I mention that I'm excited?

(I've had the Jefferson's them song stuck in my head since yesterday. I bet now you do too!)



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