Kitchen Confidential
November 02, 2010

Sunday Night Dinner

I said it before, but I'm going to say it again...I really love the new apartment. The sad part? The kitchen and I are still trying to get used to each other. The thing is, this kitchen with it's lovely dishwasher and full size oven, it just isn't laid out that well. And there's less cabinet space than my old kitchen. And while there might be more counter space, it's not all together. I don't want to make the kitchen feel bad, but I'm having a hard time adjusting. Of course, I was pretty used to my old kitchen, so it might just take some time.

In order to try and get used to new kitchen as fast as possible, I decided to go for the gusto, and I cooked a lasagna that took almost every burner on the stove and 4 separate pots. It actually turned out pretty well, and was definitely worth washing all those pots afterwards. Deb's addition of garlic in the bechamel? Pure genius. I kind of wanted to stand over the stove and eat it straight from the pot, like a bechamel soup. But I didn't. I can't make any promises about next time though.

That same weekend, I made this chowder, because it sounded delicious and easy. But since I was trying to force myself into getting used to new kitchen, I decided to make naan for the first time ever. The last time I made something with yeast? I had a bread machine, so I didn't have to do anything. I'm not going to say that baking with yeast is hard, but despite reading the recipe instructions, I still kind of messed up the naan. I partially blame the yeast, but I mostly blame my brain. It was still edible and, in case you're wondering, it totally worked to cook it on a grill pan on the stove. I definitely want to try it again, especially since I know where I messed up before and I can fix it. Delicious homemade naan, you will be mine!

Oh, and that chowder? You should make it. Now. It was quite good and recevied rave reviews from the other two people I fed it to. Definitely take Woot's advice and add some avocado as a garnish, it makes everything perfect.

Since these two kitchen adventures, I've cooked a couple of other things and it's getting a little bit easier. I think the kitchen and I just need even more time together and I'm sure I'll end up loving it just as much as the rest of the place. Now if I could just remember which way all the cabinet doors open. (They're those sleek knobless kind, but I think some knobs might be in order...)



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